Day 2 for Si’Ann….

Well today, I decided to catch her and see how she went just by herself.. so far no aggression, just avoidance, not wanting to be caught. Bot flies are bad here at the moment all three of them are covered in them

Took her to the round pen, went in and let her go to start, she was agitated, so I was not going to get anything out of her in that state of mind, many would have just pushed her on and made her move anyway, what was the point.  So I stopped and re caught her, then we both worked at getting the issue sorted the ‘BOT FLY’.. Got rid of the bot fly and started.

Small things are so important at this point, she has worked on the lead around me, she has learned what I call the dance in halter, she has never been lounged.

I started with what ever side she wished to go and just moved her feet. Once relaxed and moving forward with no balking or stopping, I changed direction, once we had this, I added the whoa!.. by the time we had been in there 10 mins she was trotting calmly, changing direction, licking her lips and listening, then the whoa and a good rub over with no issues..

I took the halter off and walked away with her hooked on, opened the gate and released her to the pasture.

Tiny steps!!!!! with a horse that can not handle a lot of pressure, like a person with a disability you have to break it down to very small steps and times. So 10 mins today was plenty! working on the moving of feet, whoa and touch was plenty!

Tomorrow will be much the same then she will have 3 days off while I work 11 hr days.. then Saturday I will continue forward and work her for 4 days straight.



Stockard’s Si’Ann finally started!!!

Well we all know her story by now. If not then here is the link to the start

Yesterday I put the round pen up, today is day one of work.. I wanted to make it as pleasant an experience as possible, so when she took off, I got hold of the other mare, Rose.

Rose and I got the lay of the land in the round pen, while siann sat outside doing her own thing and demanding that rose came out. It took all of about 5 minutes to get her to follow us in and then I closed the gate.

Releasing Rose, I let them have a look around, then started pressing them to move, with sianns issues, I chose to make rose the focus of the pressure so siann could just hook on and follow.

This worked brilliantly! Rose as always listened well and siann joined in fabulously. We managed to work both ways with a lot of consistency. At the end of the workout which was barely 10 minutes, I rubbed roses face, went to rub sianns and the pain in the rear said no.

Next step then was getting rose to stand which as she is a legend she did lol. Sent siann around and around, gave her choices to stop and comply which she didn’t so sent her off again. Rose hooked on when she felt sianns pressure getting too high did two laps then WHOA!.. both stopped and let me handling them both.

then released to the paddock and hay given. All good till tomorrow!

Videos and photo below.

Picture 080

Companion horses and seller responsibility…..

What brought this thoughts to the forefront for me was an advertisement on Facebook.

The horse was declared by a vet and the owner was doing the responsible thing and letting the possible buyers know that the horse does have wobblers.

What was the issue with the advert? While the advert was great in declaring the issue at hand, there was so much more that needed questioning.

What would arthritic changes do to the horse in time. If the owner is giving it away for free what control does the owner have after the horse is with the new owner? NONE!

This particular horse is only 6 or 7 years old, she has a good deal of possible life left, how can you as a seller guarantee that the horse will not get shifted from pillar to post? How do you stop the new owner from riding the horse, let alone breed it, as wobblers unless caused by an accident is hereditary.

Statistics state that the majority of the rescue statistics for Second Chance Horse Rescue here in western australia, the majority of neglect cases were COMPANION HORSES!

If I was the seller, which I can unequivocally state I would not be, I would put the horse to sleep.

I would be doing a long term lease! Keep as much control and responsibility for the horse for its entire life, it would be the absolute best option to keep the horse and those around it as safe as possible. There are way to many horses out there capable of working to their fullest capabilities that need good homes.

Take complete responsibility! Don’t think just because you gave it to a new home that they will do everything as you have told them too, they are people, they will not. I myself made this mistake many years ago, poor little mare died cos they were galloping the horse flat out against what I had told them. The mares medical and physical needs meant she should have been as this mare is. I gave away all control and the mare paid the ultimate price.

Foals.. what exactly are they?…..

Foals, they are cute, soft, furry, entertaining, upwardly mobile cuteness, right? Well, yes.. BUT (yep that favorite word of mine hehe)

Foals are the building blocks to what you eventually want to be a SAFE, PHYSICALLY AND MENTALLY FUNCTIONAL RIDING HORSE.

Isn’t that what we all strive for?

So, to get to my point for this blog post.. Anything you do with a foal and I mean absolutely anything, is opening a door for something small to get much much bigger.

So as the horse ages and gets bigger in size, those little things you do, get bigger too.

Babies of every kind are born striving for advantage and power, it might be the tinniest little thing. So that little child in your arms, cry’s, you pick it up, you put it down, it cry’s again, you pick it up, the baby has already got you worked out! If for some reason you miss this and keep doing it, the baby grows and so does the situation. This happens with puppies, kittens, human children and Foals!

So, you scratch foals bum, foal then starts backing up to you to get its bum scratched, you keep doing it cos its so cute and the foals are small after all…hello before you know it you have double barrels coming at you cos you didn’t want to scratch its bum!.. is that the horses fault.. NO!

This is where common sense comes into play, this is where you need to put those building blocks in place.. its very hard to tear down anything you have built.

Think before each step!.. If you don’t want a full grown horse or even that cute little foal, double barreling demanding that scratch.. NEVER EVER GO THERE, DON’T START IT.

If there is something that is not going to help you later on, with control, riding, behavior, then don’t go there.

How fine a detail do you need to go to.. weeeeeeeell, that can depend on the temperament of the foal, BUT.. hehe yep again.. even the dead quietest foal is giving you signals of climbing up the power ladder… that little stretch out to touch your arm uninvited, moving its foot closer to you without asking. These are all small tiny signals that we as humans miss. Down the track as an older horse this will take place as well, how you deal with it and how much you miss it can have certain effects. It might be the horse gets pushy, might try and knock you away at feed time and more.

I heard an interesting story just the other day of a stallion and a gelding paddocked together, loving it totally! Group grooming, eating together, loving the company. They went for a run around, then the gelding went down for a roll, what do you think the stallion did? Did he go down and roll as well? Did he just wait for his new best buddy to get up? Instantly we think of all the soft, happy stuff don’t we.. Well he went for the kill, he went for that geldings throat and tried to kill him, because that was the opportunity and the window he needed. (they are still paddocked together but only under supervision)

My point to the story is, no matter how quiet the horse, if you leave an opportunity open, if they feel like it they will use it. It has nothing to do with if we feed them or not, how much we love and care for them, how nice we are, its everything to do with the doors we open and that they are a HORSE and this is what they can and do, do.

That smooch in the horses face is not necessary ever! What part in any sort of training unless you are a PROFESSIONAL trick trainer of some sort, is it necessary to put your face near that horses or foals mouth? By all means stick your fingers in the side of the mouth to teach them to accept for a wormer or bit.

So, what is a good way to deal with this, as all of the above is telling you its wrong but giving you no tools to deal either..

*For a start, think about every little thing and where it might lead to when the horse is fully grown.

*Define your space! I am sure I have written this on here before somewhere, but you have a personal bubble, think how uncomfortable you are when that person you are talking to steps into it while talking to you and you just desperately want to step back.. hello! why do we let the horse in!! that is where the horse should be.. outside that bubble, I am not saying never let it in, but its in on your instigation only, and if while in that bubble it is inappropriate, send it out of the bubble make it stand and start again.. DON’T HIT IT!

*Always make it your idea and not the horse or foals! (this works for dogs too)

*Reflect each day, run it over in your head, how it worked, could it have been done differently, did I miss anything in the heat of the moment.

*Never ever get emotional about it, when emotion comes in, training goes out the window!

*Never ever inflict pain ever!

*Always finish on a good note and praise!.. I do not pat, I do not say good girl, because if I am talking and the horse does wrong and am accidentally praising the horse with the use of the voice. To prevent this I will step in, rub the forehead and step away…

In the end tho and yes I am repeating myself, you will either take this post on or not, what ever you do that is your choice and yours alone to own.

Complanency, Common Sense and Humans…..


Ok now that I have that out, what is my point..My point is that there are many that forget what horses actually are, they are animals! While it is wonderful to have them domesticated and we can have them as close friends and soul mates, and we can work towards being as one with them as possible, we should never loose sight of exactly what they are, they are horses.

Horses can do amazing things for us humans, but they can also do amazing things TO US HUMANS.

There are stories through out time right to modern times, of horses attacking, there are attacks that are arranged, there are attacks that happen for reasons known to the humans, but there are also many many attacks to the human, that are not called for at any point in time and are not known about to anyone but the horse.

Many attacks and or accidents, ARE just sheer human complacency, in basic terms we get way to comfortable and we stop watching what we are doing and forget that we are working with a living being that is a horse not a human. While this is human nature and will probably be so for an eternity, there will be people who have had this sort of attack happen that will need to feel heard from the roof tops, that this is always a possibility.

Horses are evolved creatures, that can technically be omnivores and this, many a time, is by choice. There are many around the world that kill and maim and even eat other animals moving through their paddock, sheep, cattle, goats, chickens, rabbits and more have been documented. How does anyone think they managed to get horses to the north pole and back? can you imagine the amount of feed they would have needed to carry? Well they didn’t carry much normal feed at all.. those horses ATE FISH! They ate fish and not only survived but thrived! What does that tell us?

A vital read and reference Deadly Equines: The Shocking True Story of Meat Eating and Murderous Horses by Cuchullaine O’Reilly FRGS

The author of this book, is a widely ridden man, he is part of a group called the long riders guild, they have to have the most trust, faith and true horse knowledge known to man to travel as far as they do successfully.

From foal to horse, what you do or sometimes don’t do, CAN sometimes become the above result. From letting the foal nuzzle your face, letting it push you, letting it rear up on you, to letting the full grown horse do the same.. Then there is the other side of the coin, forcing without giving in return, abusing them, over sensitizing, pushing till they have a mindless snap..

A perfect example of complacency..(quote below) this foal has not stopped what it is doing because because you have cuddled it, it has stopped because you have given it boundaries and limitations BUT! yes another but.. what this foal has shown this person will always be there, in its mind, dna and life.. it might never turn up again, but it also might happen again and if and when it does I hope to hell no one gets killed…

if cuddling is bad for foals then something must be wrong with mine, when i got her she hated people, was really aggressive and dangerous all i did with her was show her love and affection, that means millions of cuddles! She is a completely different foal now and loves her cuddles nothing anyone says will stop me cuddling my baby (: and i will continue to do so till the day she dies (very very far in the future) (:

A high percentage might never do this, but there is also a good percentage that do, do this. While you can and do choose to put yourself at risk of your own complacency, there is a snowball effect that needs to be thought about as well.. You are never the sole provider and carer for these wonderful creatures.. Husbands, Agistment owners, stable-hands, friends, farriers, vets and even children are within reach and handle them. Are you truly willing to allow the complacency to run over this way? Complacency similarly to backing out of a driveway is what this is.. know where the kids are, know that you have done everything possible. If it is then an unavoidable accident you might then be able to live with your choices. That is what it all comes back to, having a full and truthful knowledge of horses and understanding their species in their entirety.

But! What but I hear you saying.. there is a massive one… the GENETIC.. its not always obvious, people are not always honest enough to tell you that their particular stallion throws horses that can hurt you in this way. Many find out much to late. In my 35 years of horses, I have met many that have done what I have just mentioned, and exactly one that did what we all should do when we come across a genetic failure such as this.

A few stories…
the one person that put a stallion and his first 10 babies down. why? you say… because every single one of those babies were from completely different mare lines, the only common denominator was the stallion and every single one of those babies, would throw a tantrum and throw themselves on the ground, as a responsible breeder and human being she put them down.

Stallion well known and extremely well utilized till he died of old age.. majority of his babies would find something they did not like and go mindlessly ballistic with no caution to themselves or the humans around them.. one baby was a mere one day old and it attacked its owner. And no it was not youthful exuberance it was a full blown attack. To a particular gelding that had a penchant for anything blonde and would attack them, he never in his entire life had any reason for any of it.

Filly purchased at 6 months of age, by 9 months of age, was put to sleep.. it was incapable of standing human touch or presence. You could stand in the stall in a completely submissive pose only to have this filly climbing the walls literally.

What do I expect from this blog post, not much really, I got to say what I think, feel and know that I for one will never ever be complacent (did that once, got picked up by a horse and tossed like a rag doll).. Do I expect this to help or change anyone, NOPE… By human nature we are complacent, stupid creatures that take unnecessary risks every single day, when we do tho, it has to be our singular choice, if another gets hurt because of a choice you made, then that is when you come unstuck. Choice, Choice, Choice! Every individual has a choice, be it how they respond to one another, how they communicate, decisions they make that effect themselves and those around them and the snowball of results from those choices.

Its a bit like the man who killed that beautiful lady over east, it didn’t just effect her and him, it effected both their families, friends and the community itself.  The baby that was killed by the stallion, he was from a very long line of horsemen, the families and the horse community that he was directly involved with will never every be the same again.

The people I know with shoulder muscle missing, fingers, thighs, ears, face, throat and those that had to not only see, but assist with these things, will never be the same again.
Make your choices as you see fit, learn from them and live with them. Some might listen, many will not, but the choice and path of not listening is theirs to take.

RIP Rap’s Playtime

RIP Rap’s Playtime
7th November 1988 – 31st August 2012
On a Blue Moons Delight
sire: Rapid Chic, Dam: Ashton Pk Playtime

Old Dear…My heart
My light
My soulEven before I had to let you go
I felt you by my bed at night
bringing me peace and safety
as you watch over me with grandad
at night as you both keep me companyI heard you when you said you loved me
I heard you when you said it is time
I heard you when you said you will stay
by my side till the end of time

May your journey be swift my dearest friend
after 24 years of loyal service you
deserved the rest..

love you forever and more always xxoo

photo credit Reena Harwood…

Catchup…wow its been a year…

Well its been a year since I have put anything up and then I do two in one day lol.. typical me.

On the horse side, miss Isabo aka Shai Lady Hawke has been purchased by Natalie Matson and is working towards an endurance career. She is well and truly a light in the dark with the most wonderful temperament shining through.

Miss Si’Ann has turned a major corner, while I am still watchful my tension has reduced with hers.. she now demands attention with one or two strokes of her face, then scratch the bum or else lol.

The old dear is not much longer for this world, he lost 150-200kilo in 6 weeks, its his time, I am going to be a bit morbid and video the girls response to him once he is dead as many people are not sure if they should let the paddock buddies mourn over the body or not, so I am hoping that his gift to the world besides being my best mate of 24 yrs, will be the gift of mourning.

Round-yard is about to be ordered whohoo!! finally! we are arranging for two to be made, one for me and one for my mate Dianna, and my brother is arranging transport as we are 5 hrs from where they will be made and I don’t fancy or think I can transport almost 2 tonne of round-yard materials lol.

As I finish this post, I am arranging to go the the Balingup Medieval Festival all dressed up in costume, I cant wait!