I started this blog, to talk openly about my mare that is a very difficult animal.  She is very very complex with many behavioral problems due to poor human handling.

I live in Manjimup Western Australia. It is a small but thriving timber town of only 4000 people, we are an hour and half from the closest metropolis.

I find it very difficult sometimes to put my thoughts down in words.  I am not too bad while I have a thought triggered from a situation, a question etc.. but getting it out cold from out of my mind, it is hard.

So, what am I about… I adore my Arabians! Goes without saying a bit dosent it.  While this blog has been initially about Si’Ann aka the troubled child, I find I am putting other thoughts and things happening down here.  Whether its my other horses or some thoughts that are happening at the time.

I am about horsemanship… not natural horsemanship or anything wrapped up in a box, just horsemanship.  Wanting to communicate with my horse to the best of my ability by using body language above all else.   I want to give myself any anyone interested the opportunity to be with their horse to the fullest degree, without force, aggression, confrontation, fight (sometimes unavoidable, but not a necessary factor in training), pain.  I agree with the Parelli’s in that horses have people problems, but!!!! There are horses that have their own issues and problems, those rare ones with mental health issues (yes just like humans).

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