Jewels Shining Pearl……..

Well life has moved on a little from Si’Ann and her loss.. I have only just felt that I could come into here and tell a continuing story and adventure that has grown. We are in full winter mode here, so I have time to tell… It took some huge head work to get my mind around that it was ok for me to move on so quickly, with many chats and tears with the bestie….Please enjoy our continuing story.
20 November 2013
Wow, My life is such an up and down journey as everyone’s is at some point. All that good and bad it slowly leads us to where we need to be in life. So……

It is with a huge amount of pleasure that I announce the purchase of Jewels Shining Pearl

Reg UPWBDA & WAPA, 15hh, 2003 Cremello Mare

Sired by Shining Priority out of the mare Winberra Gold N Jewels.

Pearl is currently 12 years old, has had three foals and has recently been started under saddle.

I would first of all like to say an enormous thank you to Michelle Wilson for allowing me to purchase this incredibly stunning mare.

To Dianna yet again for your support of me blubbering and bouncing chats off you, left right and center, so I could get my head around it all.

Thanks very much to Sharla Norman from Midas Performance horses for going out and looking her over for me and giving her a light ride.

To explain this a little, I first saw a picture of Pearl back in 2005.

It was about this time, that I bought Si’Ann back from the people who messed her up. I squirmed over Pearl and knew that at that time I could do nothing about my serious attraction to her.

Now 8 years have passed and as we all know a short while ago, Si’Anns journey ended.

I put a status up about looking through horse deals and seeing nothing at all. Michelle messaged me and said she has a few for sale, so she put it out there.  When I realized one was Miss Pearl and that I could make it happen, nothing has stood in my way to get this over the line.

We are now full circle with me now being able to purchase this stunning mare Pearl. I truly feel that this was supposed to be as it is. I cant help but feel that this was the life plan all along. That the old dear and Miss Si’Ann had this planned out. Pearl will be with me for life. She is my ultimate dream horse. My greatest wish come true.

Michelle.. thank you with all my heart mate.. xxoo

Wow can life get any more meant to be, everything has just fallen into place with this mare.. right down the the freaky fact that that this mare and I share a birthday. OMG did I completely wig out with that and spoke to a dear friend.. then today I get a phone call from Peter Skinner from Skinners transport he said he will bill me the transport as I wont have the cash till the 4th Dec.. OMG! so Wednesday or Thursday my girl will arrive here.

So Please welcome Miss Pearl….
Pearl with I think its, Mango her last baby who I believe is about 3 years old now..

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