Pearl up to date….

At this stage, pearls leg is all well.. she is coping well with winter down here so far.. much better than I thought she would.

she has had her back done, finding her left hip out in a big way, she reacted greatly to the test and was much better after treatment.

One more treatment, then we will see where we are at.



Pearls ups and downs… Oh Dear…

I am putting this up well after the fact for learning purposes and as a diary of how pearl went, I will put many photos with descriptions and dates so people can see the timeline and how the leg went and why it went in twists and turns with our special girl lol.. when you see day 8 you will see why she is special!! frustrating girl!!

We have had an enormously stressful day.. firstly thanks to my friends who rallied around, Naomi for picking up the antibiotics and the samo (short for sandwich) and water, Dianna for her company/support and Marilyn as well for all your support.

Pearl was being let out this morning, silly me used a different gate so she forgot where all the fencing was… She really did not see it.. it was a bright day and she had a fly mask on.. she took off at a canter straight through the electric braid and staked her knee with a star picket.. she hit an artery so much blood every bloody where, vet in attendance within ten mins, stitches internally and externally, bandaged heavily, sedated to do it…

What we didn’t know while we worked so hard on the leg was she was going into shock, a hard thing to read in animals as they cant tell you about it.. she was cool to the touch, lightly sweaty under the mane

The combination of a 10 degree weather change to extremely hot, the injury, blood loss, shock, all brought on a bout of dehydration colic, when the vet left this afternoon she had a heart rate of 80 but was comfortable, as of about 15 mins ago, it was down to 60 which is better but not quite where we want it yet, she is still to poo yet..

She is comfortable, eating, drinking and we just want poo… I will be going out there all during the night, she will have another drench in the morning unless she crashes tonight.

Pictures start here, date and what was going on at the time…

vet bandage after suturing the wound..sunday 15/12/2013


down with colic and shock after leg being finished..sunday 15/12/2013


Knee wound on bandage change looks brilliant! 17/12/2013 am


How leg is looking overall 17/12/2013 am gave her a light walk in between changes so that I could check movement and get her moving


Wound degrading a bit and developing lumpiness due to no bandaging but still happy enough with it morning 21/12/2013


And what we were waiting for happened, she blew the stitches it’s an open wound, have had another go at wrapping it 21/12/2013

Bandaging became impossible.. tried different bandages, sticky tapes, you name it, waste of time, she ended up gnawing on the bloody thing herself…

With bandage off and after bathing, bandage lasted two days had cetrigen and calendula have to say it’s popped out nicely in two days lol…23/12/2013.. in below picture, is purple internal stitches.. wound has blown out completely as expected.. now its treat as an open wound.


Well staying off this time she has gnawed it and is doing more damage now with it on so off she comes 24/12/2013



Swelling is down heaps


Took purple stitch out, sprayed wound and down with the calenula cetrigen spray


Skin on rest of leg that has been effected 24/12/2013


After bathing 26/12/2013 starting pen again tomorrow, leg is hot and touchy, changed lower leg to am-I-Lin nappy rash cream, still got yellow paste on knee… Not happy about the leg at the moment


Much much happier about the look of this before bathing tonight…. Good old nappy rash cream! 27/12/2013


27/12/2013 nappy rash cream


After bathing tonight 28/12/2013 have to say I am back to happy as again… Nice and moist, swelling reducing

the darkness on the left is dead artery, its slowly closing in and should drop off..


31/12/2013 Have to say I am very pleased! Just got to have that last dark bit to drop off and I think we are on the home straight!!! Still have some swelling but that will be blood under the surface of the skin and it will take longer to dissipate…


Pearl update 6/1/2014 salt bathing twice a day still then packing with am-o-lin nappy rash cream still.. all the dead stuff is gone it fell off..since then its been much easier to cream it and have it stick well… so she gets the nappy rash cream then cetrigen the pink stuff over the top.


11/1/2014 – Photo after bathing and scrubbing today… Started derma gel this morning… So salt bathe and derma gel twice a day for now… Not happy with the amount of fill in the leg this morning so went to vet, luckily Will was on, showed him a pic and talked to him about it we have another bottle of antibiotics and touch base with him Monday to tell him how she is..


Wow just wow, I went hard and gave it two days of derma gel, today is a nappy rash cream day now, but look at the difference the derma gel made!!! 18/1/2014


19/1/2014 – Have to say I am still really happy… Day and half of nappy rash cream and back to the derma gel again for two days…next pics when I rest the derma gel…. We are at the end of week 4


23/1/2014 we are at about day 34… Going to give it a second day of cream and re assess tomorrow if I gel it again yet or not…


1/2/2014….. Current this morning, bathed after 3 days rest, hit it with derma gel this morning

31/3/2014 stuff all left to go

Jewels Shining Pearl……..

Well life has moved on a little from Si’Ann and her loss.. I have only just felt that I could come into here and tell a continuing story and adventure that has grown. We are in full winter mode here, so I have time to tell… It took some huge head work to get my mind around that it was ok for me to move on so quickly, with many chats and tears with the bestie….Please enjoy our continuing story.
20 November 2013
Wow, My life is such an up and down journey as everyone’s is at some point. All that good and bad it slowly leads us to where we need to be in life. So……

It is with a huge amount of pleasure that I announce the purchase of Jewels Shining Pearl

Reg UPWBDA & WAPA, 15hh, 2003 Cremello Mare

Sired by Shining Priority out of the mare Winberra Gold N Jewels.

Pearl is currently 12 years old, has had three foals and has recently been started under saddle.

I would first of all like to say an enormous thank you to Michelle Wilson for allowing me to purchase this incredibly stunning mare.

To Dianna yet again for your support of me blubbering and bouncing chats off you, left right and center, so I could get my head around it all.

Thanks very much to Sharla Norman from Midas Performance horses for going out and looking her over for me and giving her a light ride.

To explain this a little, I first saw a picture of Pearl back in 2005.

It was about this time, that I bought Si’Ann back from the people who messed her up. I squirmed over Pearl and knew that at that time I could do nothing about my serious attraction to her.

Now 8 years have passed and as we all know a short while ago, Si’Anns journey ended.

I put a status up about looking through horse deals and seeing nothing at all. Michelle messaged me and said she has a few for sale, so she put it out there.  When I realized one was Miss Pearl and that I could make it happen, nothing has stood in my way to get this over the line.

We are now full circle with me now being able to purchase this stunning mare Pearl. I truly feel that this was supposed to be as it is. I cant help but feel that this was the life plan all along. That the old dear and Miss Si’Ann had this planned out. Pearl will be with me for life. She is my ultimate dream horse. My greatest wish come true.

Michelle.. thank you with all my heart mate.. xxoo

Wow can life get any more meant to be, everything has just fallen into place with this mare.. right down the the freaky fact that that this mare and I share a birthday. OMG did I completely wig out with that and spoke to a dear friend.. then today I get a phone call from Peter Skinner from Skinners transport he said he will bill me the transport as I wont have the cash till the 4th Dec.. OMG! so Wednesday or Thursday my girl will arrive here.

So Please welcome Miss Pearl….
Pearl with I think its, Mango her last baby who I believe is about 3 years old now..