Day 2 for Si’Ann….

Well today, I decided to catch her and see how she went just by herself.. so far no aggression, just avoidance, not wanting to be caught. Bot flies are bad here at the moment all three of them are covered in them

Took her to the round pen, went in and let her go to start, she was agitated, so I was not going to get anything out of her in that state of mind, many would have just pushed her on and made her move anyway, what was the point.  So I stopped and re caught her, then we both worked at getting the issue sorted the ‘BOT FLY’.. Got rid of the bot fly and started.

Small things are so important at this point, she has worked on the lead around me, she has learned what I call the dance in halter, she has never been lounged.

I started with what ever side she wished to go and just moved her feet. Once relaxed and moving forward with no balking or stopping, I changed direction, once we had this, I added the whoa!.. by the time we had been in there 10 mins she was trotting calmly, changing direction, licking her lips and listening, then the whoa and a good rub over with no issues..

I took the halter off and walked away with her hooked on, opened the gate and released her to the pasture.

Tiny steps!!!!! with a horse that can not handle a lot of pressure, like a person with a disability you have to break it down to very small steps and times. So 10 mins today was plenty! working on the moving of feet, whoa and touch was plenty!

Tomorrow will be much the same then she will have 3 days off while I work 11 hr days.. then Saturday I will continue forward and work her for 4 days straight.



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