Stockard’s Si’Ann finally started!!!

Well we all know her story by now. If not then here is the link to the start

Yesterday I put the round pen up, today is day one of work.. I wanted to make it as pleasant an experience as possible, so when she took off, I got hold of the other mare, Rose.

Rose and I got the lay of the land in the round pen, while siann sat outside doing her own thing and demanding that rose came out. It took all of about 5 minutes to get her to follow us in and then I closed the gate.

Releasing Rose, I let them have a look around, then started pressing them to move, with sianns issues, I chose to make rose the focus of the pressure so siann could just hook on and follow.

This worked brilliantly! Rose as always listened well and siann joined in fabulously. We managed to work both ways with a lot of consistency. At the end of the workout which was barely 10 minutes, I rubbed roses face, went to rub sianns and the pain in the rear said no.

Next step then was getting rose to stand which as she is a legend she did lol. Sent siann around and around, gave her choices to stop and comply which she didn’t so sent her off again. Rose hooked on when she felt sianns pressure getting too high did two laps then WHOA!.. both stopped and let me handling them both.

then released to the paddock and hay given. All good till tomorrow!

Videos and photo below.

Picture 080


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