Companion horses and seller responsibility…..

What brought this thoughts to the forefront for me was an advertisement on Facebook.

The horse was declared by a vet and the owner was doing the responsible thing and letting the possible buyers know that the horse does have wobblers.

What was the issue with the advert? While the advert was great in declaring the issue at hand, there was so much more that needed questioning.

What would arthritic changes do to the horse in time. If the owner is giving it away for free what control does the owner have after the horse is with the new owner? NONE!

This particular horse is only 6 or 7 years old, she has a good deal of possible life left, how can you as a seller guarantee that the horse will not get shifted from pillar to post? How do you stop the new owner from riding the horse, let alone breed it, as wobblers unless caused by an accident is hereditary.

Statistics state that the majority of the rescue statistics for Second Chance Horse Rescue here in western australia, the majority of neglect cases were COMPANION HORSES!

If I was the seller, which I can unequivocally state I would not be, I would put the horse to sleep.

I would be doing a long term lease! Keep as much control and responsibility for the horse for its entire life, it would be the absolute best option to keep the horse and those around it as safe as possible. There are way to many horses out there capable of working to their fullest capabilities that need good homes.

Take complete responsibility! Don’t think just because you gave it to a new home that they will do everything as you have told them too, they are people, they will not. I myself made this mistake many years ago, poor little mare died cos they were galloping the horse flat out against what I had told them. The mares medical and physical needs meant she should have been as this mare is. I gave away all control and the mare paid the ultimate price.

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