RIP Rap’s Playtime

RIP Rap’s Playtime
7th November 1988 – 31st August 2012
On a Blue Moons Delight
sire: Rapid Chic, Dam: Ashton Pk Playtime

Old Dear…My heart
My light
My soulEven before I had to let you go
I felt you by my bed at night
bringing me peace and safety
as you watch over me with grandad
at night as you both keep me companyI heard you when you said you loved me
I heard you when you said it is time
I heard you when you said you will stay
by my side till the end of time

May your journey be swift my dearest friend
after 24 years of loyal service you
deserved the rest..

love you forever and more always xxoo

photo credit Reena Harwood…