Catchup…wow its been a year…

Well its been a year since I have put anything up and then I do two in one day lol.. typical me.

On the horse side, miss Isabo aka Shai Lady Hawke has been purchased by Natalie Matson and is working towards an endurance career. She is well and truly a light in the dark with the most wonderful temperament shining through.

Miss Si’Ann has turned a major corner, while I am still watchful my tension has reduced with hers.. she now demands attention with one or two strokes of her face, then scratch the bum or else lol.

The old dear is not much longer for this world, he lost 150-200kilo in 6 weeks, its his time, I am going to be a bit morbid and video the girls response to him once he is dead as many people are not sure if they should let the paddock buddies mourn over the body or not, so I am hoping that his gift to the world besides being my best mate of 24 yrs, will be the gift of mourning.

Round-yard is about to be ordered whohoo!! finally! we are arranging for two to be made, one for me and one for my mate Dianna, and my brother is arranging transport as we are 5 hrs from where they will be made and I don’t fancy or think I can transport almost 2 tonne of round-yard materials lol.

As I finish this post, I am arranging to go the the Balingup Medieval Festival all dressed up in costume, I cant wait!



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