Humans can be so disappointing….

The human race can be so frustrating and disappointing..
I try not to have an idealistic view of them, as we are all infallible but at times it builds and gets to me.

Just because someone chooses a path you would not take, whether its a mistake for them or not, it is their path to take. Just because they do this does not give another human being the right to demoralize this in any way, shape or form.

If there is any single situation that happens good or bad learn from it and move on.. life is about all these lessons to learn and how you learn them is what will define you as a person.

owning an animal is not a right, its a privilege and in that same instance it does not make you an abuser of animals having them in your life.. animal libbers really need to get of that super high stool they are sitting on and come down to earth and fight the good fight not the wrong one. You are truly making yourselves out to be sick individuals, and just because we can see weakness in your argument doesn’t give you the right or privilege to abuse someone.. ever thought of taking it on and actually using a person with knowledge to your advantage?

rant over for now