Time Well Spent….

Time well spent tonight…

Sat in the paddock for a while, firstly with the old dear to keep the girls from his meal.

Then after I walked the paddock to check out the grass and how the pasture is.  We all then went to the bottom paddock where I sat quietly and or walked between them just being at peace.

took a couple of pictures but am yet to load them and I think they will be grainy due to the poor daylight.

Si’Ann is constantly fascinating…she every day challenges even tho she never wins a single challenge.   She will always press the issue, but with simple body language and a no sound, will leave it alone.  Miss Isabo on the other hand, one no sound and she will stay well away and most of the time will not even try it in the first place.

There is no reason without forethought, time, body language and small directives that you cannot get a horse to do your wishes with them being willing partners.


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