Time Well Spent….

Time well spent tonight…

Sat in the paddock for a while, firstly with the old dear to keep the girls from his meal.

Then after I walked the paddock to check out the grass and how the pasture is.  We all then went to the bottom paddock where I sat quietly and or walked between them just being at peace.

took a couple of pictures but am yet to load them and I think they will be grainy due to the poor daylight.

Si’Ann is constantly fascinating…she every day challenges even tho she never wins a single challenge.   She will always press the issue, but with simple body language and a no sound, will leave it alone.  Miss Isabo on the other hand, one no sound and she will stay well away and most of the time will not even try it in the first place.

There is no reason without forethought, time, body language and small directives that you cannot get a horse to do your wishes with them being willing partners.

Laying a horse down.. picture progression

Disclaimer… this is for experienced horse trainers only… do not get a fancy idea that it would be fun to do it!!

This is John O’Leary from Horseproblems Australia…Laying down is not the horror that people make it out or think it is…



these are in order! I have left them as links as there are so many…


Training tools or aids….

There are such generalizations and misconceptions, about what things can be used for and in what manner. There is good value in anything if used correctly and humanely,  supervised or by an experienced person.

There will always be those that will try this without the experience and feel behind the tool and this in turn makes it harder for those that do use these things with feel, timing and compassion. So instead of just blaming the tool or the method, blame the person using it!

All of the below in one way or another has been and can be used for good or bad in the care and treatment of any horse.

SADDLES –  ill fitting

have your saddle fitted by a professional

BRIDLES – too tight, too loose, nose band restricting breathing, throat lash too tight cutting into throat, brow band to small or large

ask the question, look at images… feel it with your own hands for fit and room..

BITS – not suitable, wrong size, hard hands yanking on them

a horse can feel a fly, what makes you think it needs to be pulled or yanked! it should be nothing but a squeeze, don’t assume the horse is being stubborn or fighting you, he just probably hasn’t been taught properly to start with or you are not feeling it right! don’t fight the fight, out think it and re teach it out! Rein Control of the Horse

SPURS – digging into the sides, riding in them even tho not warranted in the training

if you don’t have a go button, spurs will not fix this, spurs are to assist with lateral work

HALTER RIDING – as with bridle and bit, these too can be painful and mis-used

yet in the right hands a rider can do a dressage test in one and much more

LEG RESTRAINTS – applied by those inexperienced can be wounding

yet with good training of these things you can eliminate many problems and issues, I highly recommend anyone wanting reasoning and information on this subject to read this link leg restraints training

DESENSITIZATION – over desensitizing, under desensitizing, using the wrong tools, not desensitizing to that particular horse itself

either way this must be done, even the great Xenophon in his notes states, ‘The groom should have standing orders to take his charge through crowds, and to make him familiar with all sorts of sights and noises; and if the colt shows sign or apprehension at them, he must teach him – not by cruel, but by gentle handling – that they are not really formidable.’
LAYING DOWN – amateur doing it!! massive no-no!!

It has its place with a professional horse person who knows when to do it and how to do it safely for horse and human. With life and time restrictions I have found that some horses will need to have this happen in the first stages, why do I say the first stages, because we seem to have the assumption that its like the movies or that its a big fight, it is prepared, initiated and can be very peaceful. Then there are horses like my SiAnn who has all the time in the world, but it is in my back pocket as a last resort with her, keeping in mind tho that we are in year 4 of retraining her and breakers and trainers do not have that sort of luxury of time.

I think the movie the horse whisperer has a lot to answer for with this one and a responsibility to put out there exactly how they got the horse to fight as to my understanding, the horse initially did it so peacefully that the directors asked for more fight as it wasn’t emotional enough! ring any bells!
BUCKING OUT – almost unheard of in this day and age of horsemanship

but if this is how you think, then you are lacking greatly!! if the work is put in there is absolutely no need for a horse to buck.

So what does all of the above tell us. It tells us two things TIME and FEEL.

You need to take the time it needs to take, to help your horse understand with feel… The horse is your mirror and is only reflecting, either, what you are giving out or what his gear and your manners are asking him to give…the horse never lies….

People are quick to blame the gear, method or horse, if you truly love your horse to the fullest then take your relationship to the fullest and look into yourself, then look at the other things… its a process of elimination in a lot of instances


gear fit

horse health

horse history and so on, always start with the most simple or the least and then build to the worst case scenario.

Animal Communication…..

Spoke to a dear friend tonight who is an animal communicator…

She is giving the old dear and I help, in getting Si’Ann to understand what is going to happen in the not to distant future. One comment from the old dear to her is, ‘not this winter, maybe next he wants to see the horse angels’.

So Si’Ann and I have a plan of action, He will be put down where they are now, his remains will be left with her for the day to give her the time to grieve and understand that he will not be getting up again.

I will make sure that I have his tail and mane cut off and there will be some not only in my glass box containing others that I have helped pass over, but there will be some in the stall so that Si’Ann can remember him and smell him when he is gone.

Some of Si’Anns conversation with the communicator and me.. I have starred out the communicators name for privacy she is a dear friend who does this out of the goodness of her heart and for the love of animals in general. (hugs my friend)

Si’Anns in bold


hes been prepping her

as well

that is great to know… I hope it helps her

shes being selfish tho

oh yes!!!!

as i don’t think shes trully understands

no I dont think she will till he is in front of her and gone

why does he ahve to die he old but isen’t there somthing

she just asked me

bodies grow old and stop working.. its not fair to keep him
around when he is so tired and his body has had enough

pmsl oh gwd she a hoot

lol yep she is

she just said then find him a yonger body

hahaha oh dear in a perfect world.. but life is not perfect..

nope sadly is not

well the nwhen he goes can he be buried close by so she can remeber him

he cannot stay on the property where they are, but he will go to
diannas house and be buried there… I will keep some tail and mane to help not only her but me as well

and don’t fegot to plait it


she said and i can’t vist him in heven can i

not until its her time… but he might visit in spirit if she
listens carefully and wishes him there.. he will always be around in spirit

like a friend



For those that do not understand animal communication that is your choice and belief, all my friend has done is solidify what I am seeing and feeling, from my horse that has been in my life for 21 years. I am not basing my choices with the old dear solely on the above, it has but confirmed and helped me settle a bit more with what I know is coming, and my concerns about Si’Ann coping with the process.

Pictures of the old dear and the changes in him….

posting these to show the contrast and the changes in the last 4 years and even in just the last year and how he has aged..

he is on a specially made complete meal that he is processing well (have inspected manures) and is leaving none.. he is just not putting the weight on that he usually does.

below 2007 winter before moving

below 2008 winter in manjimup

spring 2008

below end of winter 2009

November 2009 below.. still holding coat, has put condition on with feeding but its minimal for what he usually does

Winter is coming…..

Winter is almost here… I have just had a few days off with food poisoning! yukky…

Horses are great, troubled child has a hoof injury, so working that out slowly as it grows out.

Old man is holding his own.  Still not putting condition on, but is covered ok.

They are all being rugged now and I am about to prepare to get all the o’leary drench ingredients and will be dosing all of my horses with it.

bye for now still tired…