All going smoothly…

All is well and quiet at the moment… Miss Isabo decided to get hurt a few nasty bits out of her and alot of swelling but that went in 2 days after I covered her legs with Swelldown.. will post pics later.

Siann is going well. Still up the old mans rear like glue, he is holding his own but still just not right, has more energy tho now.

Everyone is getting a meal a day, the old dear is getting 3 kilos of muirs mix and the others are all getting half a kilo if that the bunch of fatties.

Was going to go to the Manjimup Show on the 13th March but no I have to work so that one is out!…oh well..

putting up a round-yard at the new place soon, have to wait a pay or two then will get it done and start playing now they are closer and have a better water source. Have already been tuning them in with inhand groundwork.

Miss Isabo is so good to do anything with with out a halter, foot in hand and stretched out while treating her leg, then full halter stand and wonderful give of the head, it was spectacular.

well off to feed now and am rugging the old dear already so doona rug for him tonight and will slip out there in the morning and take it off before it gets too warm…had rain today and tonight it will get to below 10 celcius.


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