Updated pics of my herd…..

The old man isnt doing so well. I have serious concerns about his health. I think it might be his heart.

When we moved paddocks he got quite distraught. He has been very sleepy and lethargic. Today he seemed

perkier,  Yesterday I gave them a mineral block and him a meal by himself. He has hammered the mineral block

like there is no tomorrow.  Fingers xxx his issues might be resolved with the correction of his mineral load.

The picture of him below is him in resonably good condition a few months ago.. he has lost about 30+kgs.

The girls are fabulous and well!! I am buying materials to make a round yard out there in the next 3 weeks. Then

the fun and games will start haha. Grey girl first until I have all the tools I need for miss Si’Ann.

In order of seniority

The old dear 21 yrs

the old girl 20 yrs

Miss Rose 11 yrs

Miss Isabo 6 yrs

and last but not least the troubled child Miss Si’Ann 5 yrs