Happy Journey…

Still waiting for the round yard to have the tree stump taken out. Sigh, what a pain, could have done 5 weeks work with her by now and soon it will be raining and cold, so wont be able to work her then, too slippery.

Got a new one coming home, she is an older mare, but will have a forever home with me thanks to my mate, Dianna. Between us she will be fine to see her days out. This mare has a very special place in my heart.

Si’Ann is a pleasure, while I am not getting complacent she is now fully trusting of me. I am so looking forward to starting to extend her mind and body.
I have had discussions with a young friend of mine, who I call my little sis. She has a half sister (paternal) to Si’ann. She has a couple of little problems and its getting trying for my friend, so Im looking for a larger paddock where I can shove the broodies and gelding out in and play with the three youngsters…seems like I have been saying this for ever…. Im so close to actually doing it grrrr come on de stumping man!!!!

k vent over lol

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