Progress is slow..

I am giving her every possible chance to heal and be well in mind as well as body.

She has still done it hard with me in the sense that I have had to keep it simple for her, gut and mind.

Basic diet, Hay and basic small grain meal once a day with minerals.

First year after the move to Manjimup Western Australia, she got quite thin for a long time, I was very aware of not topping her up, as she was on enough feed. It was very easy to see that it was all bone growth. She grew a hand in one year.

8th June 2008

Grey is 14.3hh, Siann was the same height 12 months before

Grey is 14.3hh, Si'ann was the same height 12 months before

These pictures are in the new paddock they were there for approx a year. Both did very well and grew quite good. She learnt here how to drink Dam water lol. It was a process of me initially carting water to a tub by hand then, introducing them to the dam and water. Once there was feet marks in the clay, I left them to it.


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