First Blog….

I have started this blog, with the view of sharing mostly about my mare Stockyard’s Si’Ann.

A bit of background on her. I bred her out of a thoroughbred mare I had. Foal (Si’Ann) was sold in utero, the people who had Si’Ann, let her leave at 3 months of age. She was with those owners from 3 months to 9 months. At 9 months she was given to their daughter as a wedding present.

Fast forward to 21 months of age. I heard that she was looking for a new home and not in the best of condition. She was a bit rough but not physically poor. But had a gut full of sand.

When I arrived the filly was still rugged and laying down, only feed visible on the property was one sheet of hay in the carport. Not a good sign when there is a young filly, and a 3 yr old gelding to feed and both are living in a sand paddock.

Owners arrived home, got chatting, went to load filly onto the float and the hubby sticks a can of bundy under fillies nose, telling her ‘she would walk on for a can of bundy’. Set my teeth together, paperwork not signed yet…..

Got filly loaded QUIETLY… took her home, it was a Sunday, 3pm arrived home, put her in the round yard, with fresh water and hay. Watched her for a long while just sat there outside the yard, if looks could kill I would be dead… sigh

(was housed in round pen for a while before putting in yard for meal) thanks A for pointing out my mistake in not explaining it better.. she was not worked just housed in there for a few hours. then put in walk in walk out stall, where she was when she went down, during and after vet treatment she was housed in a small grassy pasture

Feed up time, took all the time I needed wasnt going to fuss around her as everything was new and there were behavior problems to fix, boy I didnt know the half of it by that time.

7pm had to call the vet out, sigh, out of hrs call oh yay, shes only been home 4 hrs and he has left after giving her strongest pain killer he could with a comment of 50/50 survival percentage….had to do obs and wait to see if she crashed again at about 11pm that night, once the pain relief wore off.

All good so far, pain relief is fine, didnt need a top up, obs all night every half hr and half a sheet of hay each time I went out, making sure she drinks plenty of fluids, again if looks could kill I would be one dead woman….she must be feeling better as she went for me teeth and feet…. OMG WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THIS FILLIES BRAIN….

Over the next 3 weeks I found a progression of behavior problems.

  1. *Full attack teeth and feet
  2. *Could not brush half way past her belly without her back feet cracking the air
  3. *Would drop back on the lead and charge forward at full gallop and rip lead out of hands, then boot out with back legs
  4. *Barged you over with desperation for any meal

And its no wonder the previous owners told me that the filly had hospitalized the husband with broken ribs just 6 weeks before I picked her up…

20th August 2006

First hr home

First hr home

28th August 2006

End of week one

End of week one

15th October 2006

3 month mark

3 month mark

7 thoughts on “First Blog….

  1. OK, I came here from the Pony forum. You have a paragraph missing or something. I’ve read this 3 times and the story jumps from filly safely in the round pen giving u ugly looks to vet arriving to administer pain killers and saying she has a 50/50 chance to live. What the heck happend???

    • thanks for pointing out my mistake Adrona, we dont just use our roundpens here for work, I actually had her contained in there while I brought the other horses up and got meals ready, I have corrected the post so that people can understand it better

      all the best

  2. That’s why I don’t breed horses. I could never bear to give them up because I would worry about their treatment. It must have broken your heart to know your baby had been passed along from owner to owner, not fed or cared for properly and mistreated too. Thank goodness you got her back!

    • thanks Eve…

      I have all my babies with me.. I have bred three and I have all three with me, once I got Si’Ann back…. poor Si’Ann, but I have faith in her, she is a work in progress and I will take as long as it takes…she is going no where…

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